If you would like me to manage your money, please do not hesitate to contact me by filling the “Contact Form” at the right side of the page.

Personal and corporate clients are both accepted.

Having me to manage your money means:

  • You open an account in a bank of my choice, under your name.
  • You give me a limited permission to manage only your money, and you can revoke my permission anytime you want by one click.
  • Anytime you can withdraw any amount of money to the bank account of your choice without any penalty fees.
  • Your account will connected to mine, with all of my capital.
  • My goal is to build up my wealth while simultaneously growing other people’s wealth too, as I also make profit from it.

I will help you with the registration if you like to, and you can feel free to ask any questions.

I can also share my computer’s screen so you can see my statements live, furthermore, we can also meet in person.

My Commission

15% Performance Fee using high watermark*

50 USD Management Volume Fee** per 1 million USD traded.

*The performance fee is subject to high watermark and will only be charged when the amount on the account at the end of the month exceeds the highest historical account value.

The calculation of the performance fee will be adjusted if new funds are deposited on the account during the month.

**Approximately 1 pip per trade, and is added to the broker’s commission, so automatically deducted when I open my trades.

My strategy is adjusted to it.

Minimum investment

$5,000 or its equivalent in other currencies for personal accounts.

$1,000 or its equivalent in other currencies for Swiss, Chinese and Singaporean citizens.

$50,000 or its equivalent in other currencies for corporate accounts.

These are the bank’s minimums, and there is no upper limit.


You can not be a US citizen and/or tax resident.

This is not my exception, but a US law.

Place of your investment

Our broker is Dukascopy Bank SA.

They are a fully regulated and licensed Swiss bank.

They are a true ECN broker, which means they are not our competitors.

For commission they let us enter the interbank market.

So they are our friends and they are happy to see that we are making substantial amount of money due to the fact, they will get more commission from our trades.

Deposit Protection

Dukascopy Bank SA is, like all banks and security dealers in Switzerland, mandatory signatory of the “Swiss banks and securities dealers’ agreement regarding deposit protection”.

Client’s deposits are protected by Swiss government in amount of CHF 100,000 – for each client.

Deposit protection is explained in details on its website, at the web address www.einlagensicherung.ch/en